One Team: One Goal

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Our mission is simply to protect and serve every customer in a professional manner.

Don't Pay For a Run Of The Mill Guard

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We do not wait for something to happen.

We are trained as risk analysts, meaning that our agents analyze every possible means of an attack and prevent it, by using strategic observation and common sense.

S.O.F. Protections Security Agency North Platte NE

Services provided by S.O.F. Protection Services

  • Concert Security
  • Bar Security
  • Campus Services
  • Secure Bank Deposits
  • Personal Protection


Concert Security

We provide a safe environment to performers, staff and patrons at the concert. With over 13 years of concert security experience and well over 100 bands/groups protected, we will have your concert protected with controlled entrance/access, highly observant pro-active risk analysts agents strategically placed throughout the premises looking for suspicious behavior and persons also performing physical checks of persons and bags entering.


Bar Security

We provide security to faculty/staff and patrons with uniformed/non uniformed pro-active risk analysts security agents, by examining behavior and of those entering the premises and performing age verification on all persons entering, which will remove the liability from the establishment/owner and give them peace of mind ensuring no sales are made to a minor or police decoy. (Unarmed/Taser)


Campus Security

We provide security to students, faculty/staff and visitors with uniformed pro-active risk analysts by examining behavior and of those entering the campus, performing physical checks of persons and bags (looking for drugs, alcohol and weapons) and by controlling points of entry. (Armed/Unarmed)


Secure Bank Deposits

We provide professional secure deposits of your hard earned income, to your bank with armed plain clothed Security Agent(s) in unmarked security vehicles, giving the owner the peace of NOT endangering their selves or their employees and having their income safely deposited. (Armed)


Personal Protection

We provide a safe barrier between the client and their fan, followers, fanatics and persons wanting to harm them. We do such by utilizing highly observant proactive risk analysts who are observing their surroundings and looking for suspicious behavior and persons. We provide protection to our client with the least amount of force needed, not by the aggressive "TV/Movie protection" you would think of. Taking away the liability of being sued for being over aggressive.